Management Team

Management Team

Tethys Research LLC is managed by its five members, each of whom takes an active hands-on role in the management, direction and operation of the company:

Nancy Kravit, Ph.D., serves as Chief Executive Scientist, directing all scientific operations.  Dr. Kravit has a Ph.D. in cell physiology and biophysics, and M.S. degrees in both chemical engineering and cell biology, and has been affiliated with leading research institutions including Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Washington University Medical School. In 25 years as a research scientist, Dr. Kravit has developed important new techniques in the areas of cell biology and protein chemistry and has discovered several new genes. The results of her work have been published in leading peer review journals.

Robyn Kravit serves as CEO, managing all contract, administrative and financial operations.  Ms. Kravit is an entrepreneur, business consultant and international trade executive with 30 years experience in management, risk analysis, strategic planning, venture development and trade finance.

Michael Whalen, Esq. serves as Corporate Counsel. He has 25 years of experience directing legal functions for public and private companies, including 15 years experience in the chemical and fine chemical industries.  He has special expertise in mergers & acquisitions, finance, and regulatory compliance and has successfully completed more than 200 corporate acquisitions.  Mr. Whalen manages outside IP counsel and oversees the drafting and negotiating of licensing and/or joint venture agreements.

John Blatz, Esq. serves as Director of Business Development.  Mr. Blatz has broad US and international experience as a senior executive and officer of publicly traded specialty chemical and materials manufacturing firms.  He is an expert on compliance and risk management for health, safety & environment and is experienced in business process design, implementation and continuous improvement.  Mr. Blatz currently plays a key role in strategic planning and is responsible for the development, negotiation and monitoring of licensing and joint venture agreements.

Robert Obar, Ph.D. serves as a Scientific Advisor. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Boston University and is a specialist in protein chemistry, as well as molecular and cell biology.  He has been associated with a number of highly successful biotechnology companies and major research foundations in the Boston area.  He is the author of numerous scientific publications, including two books on the origins of eukaryotic cells.  Dr. Obar has extensive experience in biotechnology management and has initiated and managed technology transfers between leading pharmaceutical companies.

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